6 Points of Communication Success

Posted by Marvell December 4th, 2014

6 Points of Communication Success


Marvell Lawson


6 Points of Communication Success help with understanding how to communicate more effectively. Many people think because they can talk, they can communicate. That sounds good, but communication takes much more than that. There are 6 points that must be addressed before one can consider themselves communicating:

  1. What do you want to communicate? Talking to hear yourself talk is not communicating what you might think you are communicating.
  2. Who do you want to communicate too? Who is your audience? Is it a business associate, family member, significant other, neighbor, rival, or any one of hundreds of other possible audiences
  3. What do they know about the subject? Your audience hasn’t lived in a vacuum. What do they know about what you want to tell them? What they know could cut a lot of useless background information and help you get to your point faster
  4. Do you really understand what it is you want to communicate? Do you have the necessary information to make a valid statement?
  5. Are you listening to the response you’re getting? Audiences who sit and listen to your statements give feedback. What is it?
  6. What are you learning from your communication? Communication is never one way.  Hopefully you learn something from the exchange. This helps you better understand your subject area, which in turn can help you make your point


Listening is a very important part of communication. The person who is attempting to communicate must also listen to what their audience is telling them. The audience exchanges information in many ways, i.e.:

  • Language
  • Noises
  • Body language
  • Sign language
  • Eye contact
  • Facial expression
  • Writing
  • Throwing shoes
  • Etc.


Often this aspect of communication is overlooked, because the initial communicator is to wrapped up in getting their personal point across, and ignoring other people’s point of view. Receiving communication from your audience can enhance your point, or reveal a flaw in your thinking, which you can correct if you use the two important parts of your communication:

  • Think
  • Be creative


Communication as the foundation of socialization provides us with many possibilities for intellectual growth.


Marvell Lawson is your personal Creative Communication Coach specializing in how to Master the art of communicating good ideas that become strong realities. Mr. Lawson is a Professor of Communication and leads seminars, workshops, and lectures on Public Speaking, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Relations, and Leadership. Visit his website at www.centerforinformationdesign.com Marvell can be reach at 303.947.0962, or marvell@centerforinformationdesign.com

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