Reality from Perception

Posted by Marvell November 9th, 2014

Reality from Perception


Marvell Lawson


You are equipped with everything you need to succeed when you are conceived. Before you are born you receive from all your ancestors the wisdom, the fears, the intelligence, and the instincts that can ensure your survival. You receive the ability to create reality from perception. Think about it. Look at yourself in a mirror. The color of your hair, your eyes, your height, your build all is passed down to you from your ancestors, from the archetype of your entire family strain. The fear of heights, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert; all was passed to you at the moment the sperm entered into the egg and started to divide over and over until you were formed. If we look the way our ancestors looked, then it stands to reason that we think and feel similarly too. Our initial perceptions were etched into us at the very beginning and they created the grooves that determine what we interpret as our reality.

The fact that we come into this world with a basic framework imprinted in our cells would lead us to the next step of seeing the way we learn is by associating the new material we receive from our five senses and our emotions to that, that is imprinted in us at our conception. Babies are not a blank slate. In fact babies are born with the answers to many of the questions we develop as we grow older. What happens is babies are taught, conditioned, brain washed into forgetting what they know so they can be indoctrinated into the society that is made up of individual perceptions. Reality is trained out of us from the very beginning. Once we are able to talk, we only remember what the “meaningless” words represent, and we begin to develop a new reality based on our new environment. Our parents teach us the way of this new world, but more than that, our parents teach us what not to remember. This is supported by society.

As we grow older reality becomes what we perceive it to be. Everyone has a different perception; therefore, everyone has a different reality. This is difficult to grasp at first for many, but consider this thought. We can only perceive things from one point of view; our own. We cannot perceive from anyone else’s point of view regardless of how hard we try. Until such time as we can telepathically see into someone else’s mind, we will never completely understand what they are thinking. Even then the question is would we understand the emotion or the senses feelings? We can only understand our own emotion and senses, which is made possible by our individual perception.


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