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Professor Marvell Lawson is Creative Communication Therapist for Center for Information Design, Inc. providing Communication Speeches, Training, Counseling and Consulting services to individuals and organizations. Professor Lawson uses his experience and education in Organizational Development by teaming with clients to identify and establish a communication path to produce results within client organizations. This internal system focuses on action and results. As Professor of Communication, Professor Lawson brings real world expertise to the classroom, thus helping to guide participants toward becoming contributing professionals. Combining learning principles and information collection and development with communication processes creates a synergistic process that improves organizational and individual performance. Professor Lawson views information and communication as two inseparable components of a single strategy. Professor Lawson’s goal is to help clients and students Master the Art of Becoming Powerful, Confident, and Engaging Communicators. “Most experts specialize in either information or communication; however, like yin and yang, one always influences the other.

Without information, there can be no communication; without communication information is useless

For nearly 30 years, Professor Lawson has worked to enhance the connection between information and communication for organizations including:

  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Red Rocks Community College
  • Community College of Denver
  • Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Denver Public Schools
  • Public Service Company of Colorado
  • US West Communications
  • Denver Public Library

“I really like learning. I like to help people identify their needs and formulating methods to find answers that will help fill those needs and develop method to communicate those needs internally and externally to achieve measurable value added results to individuals and organizations.

Professor Lawson earned his Master’s Degree in Applied Communication, and a Certification of Advanced Studies in Organizational Communication from the University of Denver. Combining his extensive work experience with his education, Professor Lawson formulated his unique method for isolating the important elements of overwhelming amounts of information assaulting us today and custom designing communication procedures that facilitate understanding that leads to individual and organizational growth and success. The bond between information and communication enhances decision-making, planning, and implementation of the process of converting ideas into meaningful actions.

Success comes from the synergy formed by fusing

information and communication



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