CID is committed to assisting clients with improving individual and organizational performance.


“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

(From the movie “Cool Hand Luke” – the Captain, Road Prison 36)

Center for Information Design, Inc. Services


CID is committed to assisting clients with improving individual and organizational performance.


In order to provide a customized organizational communication service for your operation in four vital areas, our mission is to:

  • Design and implement communication assessment procedures
  • Design and implement communication plans
  • Conduct both basic and advanced communication training
  • Establish  processes which combine Information and Communication functions into a synergistic strategy


CID enters into professional partnerships which improve individual and organizational decision-making and problem solving to produce measurable results for our clients.

Key Benefits Are:

  • Identifying individual and/or organizational primary needs
  • Construct systematic organization action flow diagram
  • Improve productivity by partnering with the management team to accomplish the implementation of combined communication models and best practice procedures
  • Develop a support system that assists managers to  effectively communicate and apply organization strategies to the workforce
  • Facilitation of knowledge conversion,  information dissemination, and a collaborative plan for action.
  • Identification and resolution of internal communication issues using process models
  • Enhance employee interpersonal communication through training program design and implementation
  • Update internal organizational communication plans that support management’s strategic initiatives
  • Alignment of information with communication processes to achieve optimal organizational results
  • Introduce knowledge management models into organizational development


Focusing on basic interpersonal communication skills, CID provides clients with tools that help establish successful organization teams that contribute value that reflects on the bottom line.

Most consultants offer solutions for your problems. We also have had strong success with problem solving models; however, we find that we get much better results by working with you to prevent problems from occurring. 

Client Results


  • Assembled and managed a team that proposed and received half a million dollars plus for project funding
  • Opened communication channels and linked four distinct and independent organizations into a cohesive unit
  • Produced metro wide youth and parent conference
  • Saved clothing manufacturer from making $300,000 product change mistake


Our approach uses the following methods to accomplish successful results for our clients:


  • Communication Assessments
  • Staff Training
  • Decision-Making and Problem Solving Models Development
  • Team Building
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Results-Based Leadership Modeling
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Information Research Management


CID takes a holistic and humanistic approach to providing consulting services to our clients. CID emphasizes organizational use of individual creativity, knowledge, and personal skills. Every company is different, and we find that a diagnostic study, in the form of a preliminary communication assessment, helps to identify both the obvious and hidden issues that determine specific individual and organizational needs. After a preliminary  analysis, we custom design a Process Management Program suited to your precise communication needs.

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