At Center for Information Design, our vision is to help our clients clarify their Communication Perception. This is a holistic and artistic deciphering instrument used to transmit and receive information from which to achieve understanding. This is how we see, understand, and use the many forms of communication tools and processes. Being a strong communicator takes more than logic, it takes the ability to distinguish meaning within the context of spoken, written, signed, and/or implied words. Being a strong communicator means we must recognize that communication has different meanings depending on who is communicating and who is receiving the communication. To begin to comprehend the intricacies of communication among people takes intellect yes, but it also takes compassion, self-understanding, interest, and listening skills. Personal emotional make-up determines what we say, what we mean, what we hear, and what we learn from what we hear.

No matter how hard we try to explain, people still do not fully understand our meaning when we talk to them. Part of the reason for this is people use their personal experiences to associate pictures, sounds, touch, and the other senses to understand meaning, not words on a piece of paper.

Before we can get others to listen to us, we must continuously listen to them. Communicate When No One Is Listening examines methods participants can use to get audiences of any size to listen to what they have to say. Applying the emotional viewpoint of an artist establishes a unique position for any issue, thus providing unique solutions.

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