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Professor Marvell Lawson

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Master the Art of Becoming a Powerful, Confident, and Engaging Communicator



Custom design your personal communication process and explode into a Dazzling Future. Our world is changing as fast as we can turn pages in a book making it difficult to keep up with changes in our industries. Communication is the one factor that provides the foundation we need to take quick and decisive action, and on which to build our personal, professional, and organizational success and growth regardless of our field of specialization.


Success is within you, you just need the map to get it out.


Professor Marvell Lawson: Creative Communication Therapist, consultant, author, and educator, specializes in how to “Communicate When No One Is Listening: Mastering the art of effectively exchanging information and ideas.” Communication is the foundation on which the pathways to success are constructed. A great deal of time is spent developing the needed skills to perform various tasks, but little consideration is given to the foundation that supports the skills, or even the basis for learning the skills in the first place.  If we have access to all the information we need to effectively accomplish our goals, without communication, the information would be useless.


Without information, there can be no communication. Without communication, information is useless.


Professor Lawson helps people discover their own unique capabilities. Nothing, however, can be done without a foundation to build on. When building any structure we must begin with a strong foundation. Success in your personal and professional life, as well as building an organization, all require a strong foundation. The foundation on which success and growth are built is Communication. Everything we do requires communication, either with ourselves, or with others.


  Book Professor Lawson Today for Great Results like these:

  •  Increased focus and productivity
  •  Strategies for improving decision-making and teamwork
  •  Manage conflict and change
  •  Increased personal and group communication skills
  •  Techniques for getting your point across to achieve desired results


Keynote Presentation Topics:


  1.  Communicate When No One is Listening
  2.  Leadership: from the playground to the boardroom
  3.  How fairy tales can  ignite and save your business



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