Continuing Education Makes for More Effective Communication

 Continuing Education Makes for More Effective Communication

Studies show that continuing education makes for more effective communication. Now, when the time to get everything accomplished is at a premium, there is little or no time to indulge in extra learning activities outside of the demanding workday. One way to enhance employee growth and contribution to the success of the organization is to provide training opportunities during down times of the day. Lunch and Learn programs effectively enhance employee opportunity to learn while relaxing over lunch or regenerating at the end of the workday. This informal learning experience often stimulates employee thought processes, enhances corporate culture, and improves employee motivation and morale.

I have over 27 years of experience as teacher, trainer, and consultant providing groups with powerful, insightful, and motivational training experiences.

A dynamic Lunch and Learn Series is now available from Marvell Lawson’s Center for Information Design. Each segment designed to take 45 to 55 minutes, you may choose one, all, or any combination of the following topics:

  • Communicate When No One is Listening
  • Coping with the number one human fear, Public Speaking
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Communicate with Stories
  • The Yin and Yang of Information and Communication
  • Are You a Dysfunctional Communicator
  • Communicating the perception of reality
  • Brainstorming and organizing your thoughts with Mind Maps
  • Putting Fun and Excitement into the changes of your life
  • If you don’t enjoy your life, who will


Participants learn skills to increase their knowledge, self-esteem, and abilities to make effective contributions to your organization.


Some of the benefits of using Learning Lunch programs are

  • Improve organization communication
  • Raise employee motivation and morale
  • Create a learning culture within an organization
  • Reinforce the corporate culture
  • Expand thinking by bringing in thought patterns from other disciplines
  • Compliment training and development programs
  • Improve communication throughout the organization
  • Improve employee skills
  • Build team spirit (people, who eat and learn together, work better together.)
  • Create awareness of critical issues
  • Introduce new initiatives
  • Establish a caring organizational climate
  • Offer it as employee perk (if company provides the lunch)


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