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 Communicate When No One is Listening


Listening works both ways. You may have something important to say, but if you’re not listening to your audience, your important message may be blocked by the same indifference you show your audience by not listening to them. Consider people may not be listening to you because they don’t feel you have something important to say. How do you capture their attention and establish the importance of your message?


How to Give the Speech You Wish You Had Given


What are you nervous about? Quick, easy, stress free techniques to help you bring out your inner know-how and be accepted as the expert you are.


Painting Reality with Perception


Our reality is revealed by the mosaic of colors splashed on our mind’s canvas by our perception. We only know what we can perceive. Whether we use the infinite hues of options available to us, or we choose to limit our color wheel to stark shades of gray determines whether we design a masterpiece of value or waste our natural talents and smother creativity and hope.


Leadership from the playground to the boardroom


Lessons learned as children, and the fairy tales and stories that influence development in the formative years of mental and physical growth, define the person we become.  Do we become leaders, followers, or do we quietly slip through the cracks of life without anyone knowing we fell?


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