Testimonials on how the students perceived the instructor’s contributions to the course:


  • I enjoyed professor’s teaching style I wish more MSUD instructors taught this way. I learned real world application of public speaking. Instructor was flexible according to student’s personal situations which was very refreshing since I have seen worst from other faculty at MSUD. I hope to have the opportunity to take another class from Mr. Lawson if possible in the future.
  • Overall the instructor was very good on helping me get over my fears and he made me look at this fear in a whole new light. Public speaking “was” my biggest fear, but now it’s minor fear thanks to Mr. Lawson’s teachings.
  • This was an all-day Saturday class that was over 6 hours long. Marvell kept it interesting which is hard to do for a class that long. I originally hated the idea of having a long class, but to my surprise, I learned a lot and enjoyed it at the same time.
  • The professor spoke a lot during the class and gave us feedback after each speech. We also did a lot of games.
  • He was very knowledgeable and interactive. He often gave tips on how to improve. I also appreciate that he was laid back.
  • Professor Lawson made each class meeting different and engaging through many types of exercises and assignments. He helped me improve my delivery skills and overall speech giving abilities.
  • Professor Lawson made great contributions from personal experiences, stories, recommendations, tips, tricks, mistakes, and criticism.
  • Instructor was nice, easy. The class was really relaxed. He didn’t put students under stress.
  • I thought he provided good instruction and was very fair.
  • I thought it would have been better if he gave us a speech.
  • Very knowledgeable on the topic and a lot of personal experience.
  • Great teacher.

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